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Inauguration Ceremony for School Hostels in Chuka District
Administrator, May 06, 2015
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An inauguration ceremony for the “Project for Construction of Hostels for Students at Dungna Lower Secondary School in Chuka Dzongkhag”, under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP), will be held on 7 May 2015 at Dungna Block in Chuka District, Southern Bhutan.

The ceremony will be attended by Mr. Chencho Dorji, Director General, Department of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education, Mr. Pemba Wangchuk, Governor of Chuka District and relevant officials from Chuka District and Dungna Block, as well as Mr. Akio Isomata, Minister (Economic and Development), Embassy of Japan in New Delhi.

Through this project, funding assistance to which amounts to US$125,072, three hostels and two toilet blocks were constructed at Dungna Lower Secondary School in Chuka District.

At Dungna Lower Secondary School, around 100 male students had to be accommodated in temporary tents, due to the collapse of the hostel for male students caused by the Sikkim Earthquake in 2011. Although the hostel for female students escaped collapse by the earthquake, those female students have been forced to live in an overcrowded condition with 90 students staying in the hostel against the capacity of 64, owing to the increase of the number of female students in recent years.

The two hostels for male students, one hostel for female students and two toilet blocks newly constructed by the project will provide safer and proper boarding environment for the students.

Education is crucially important for the construction and development of a democratic nation with traditional and diverse cultural characteristics, as well as for maintaining world peace and enhancing the welfare of mankind. Based on this belief, the Government of Japan upholds the concept of “Human Security” as one of the important pillars of Japan’s diplomacy, and emphasizes empowerment of each person through education.

We believe that this project further contributes to achieving “Education For All” advocated by the Royal Government of Bhutan, and that it perfectly fits the concept of the “Human Security” as well as the principle of “GNH” of the Royal Government of Bhutan.

The Government of Japan hopes that this project will improve the quality of life of the people in Bhutan, as well as further develop the relations of friendship and cooperation between Japan and Bhutan.

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