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Grant Aid in the amount of 1 billion 956 million yen signed
Administrator, March 30, 2015
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The signing ceremony of the Exchange of Notes (E/N) for the “Project for Reconstruction of Bridges on Primary National Highway No. 1” was held on 30th March 2015 at the Royal Bhutanese Embassy in New Delhi.

In this ceremony, the E/N was signed by Mr. Takeshi Yagi, Ambassador of Japan to Bhutan and H.E. Maj. Gen. Vetsop Namgyel, Ambassador of Bhutan to Japan.

Japan's assistance to Bhutan marked the 50th anniversary last year since the dispatch of the late Dasho Nishioka in 1964. We will continue to extend our maximum support to Bhutan in such areas as agriculture and basic infrastructure, where Bhutan aims to achieve self-reliance from external assistance by 2020.

In Bhutan, a largely mountainous country, roads and bridges play the most basic and critical role in transportation for socio-economic activities in Bhutan. Therefore, our cooperation to Bhutan focuses on basic infrastructure as well as agriculture.

Primary National Highway No.1 is an important road, which connects the East and the West of Bhutan. This time the Government of Japan has decided to extend the Grant Aid to the reconstruction of the bridges on Primary National Highway No.1 that were constructed in 1980s and have been degraded.

This project aims to reconstruct three old bridges and their connecting roads on Primary National Highway No.1, which is the sole principal road connecting the East and the West of Bhutan. The project totals 1 billion 956 million Japanese Yen.

The Government of Japan hopes that the Grant Aid will facilitate smooth traffic and distribution on Primary National Highway No.1, thus improve the quality of life of the people of Bhutan and advance the socio-economic activities in Bhutan, and will further develop the friendly and cooperative relationship between Japan and Bhutan.

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