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First ever compound bow archery team to participate in Archery World Cup
Administrator, March 24, 2015
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For the first time ever, Bhutan is going to be represented in an International COMPOUND BOW ARCHERY Competition – during the Archery World Cup in Shanghai, China (May 3 – 12, 2015).

The chosen compound bow archers (that now form the National Compound Bow Archery Team of Bhutan) Karma Sherab, Tashi Peljor and Tshewang Dorji are well known traditional archery players who have also proven themselves in international style compound bow archery competition held in 2013 with sponsorship of Yangphel, Easton and BAF. Since the 1984 Olympics, Bhutan has been represented internationally in the Recurve Bow Archery Competitions but not in compound bow archery despite having numerous international archery competitions that are organized by the International Federation for Archery – the World Archery Federation (formerly called the FITA) and despite having the best of compound bow archers in Bhutan.

The Bhutanese, despite being the best of the compound bow archers are not able compete in the international archery competitions because of non-use of accessories like the scopes and triggers. In the format that is generally played in Bhutan using the compound bow, the finger release is employed (nonuse of triggers) and sights/ scopes are not used, and disallowed in the traditional style of competition even though compound – nontraditional – bow is allowed.

In 2013, in order to prepare and select the best of compound bow archers for international events, the BAF in association with Yangphel and Easton Sports Development Fund held first ever compound bow coaching seminar where the World Class Coach from UK (Michael Peart) taught the Bhutanese compound archers on the basics of use of accessories.

At the end of the seminar, an international style of competition was held whereby the best of compound bow archers of Bhutan were ranked. The present chosen archers are the top ranked from the same competition. The participation in the Shanghai Archery World Cup and associated incentives are first of efforts to increase pool of the compound bow archery talents that can be used to showcase the Bhutanese archery talents.

In order to further improve such pool, it is necessary that the present competitions with compound bow allow accessories so that true Bhutanese talents can be brought to the world and earn name for our beloved nation. One of such competitions – the Yangphel Open Archery Tournament is planning to allow the use of accessories. Such evolution being enabled will allow the easier transition and so in turn enable the Bhutanese compound archery talent to come to foreground in the international arena.

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