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Confidence visa-vis competence trust in workplace
Phanchung, July 25, 2013
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Technically a workplace involves an employer and an organisation. However, workplace is not necessarily limited to private and public sector jobs to earn a living. There is no empirical research in this article to substantiate the claim dealing with confidence and competence in performing the task.

Trust, however, is quite nebulous unlike honesty and commitment. Trust has to be proved beyond reasonable doubt.

Reflecting on the Bhutanese systems, there is certainly a gamut of evidences where an employee is willing to do the right thing in a working environment. Maybe the systems still count on an employee for doing the right thing in an ethical way. Such trust from the system is called “confidence trust”. On the other hand, an employee needs capability to complete the assigned tasks. This is to as “competence trust”.

There is no dearth in the Bhutanese systems employed in civil, corporate or public sectors which all recognise deserving people. Obviously, the productivity of the organisation is also enhanced in the processes. The question is then, is there anyone overlooked in favour of others because the competence of workforce is seen better now for the systems to have higher confidence.

Workplace trust and competence is beyond boundary from formal set-up of employee and employer relationship. Workplace can start from a kitchen by contributing positively. In the kitchen, the only competence required is culinary skills to carry the tasks. Of course, both spouses should have “confidence trust” that whosoever is in the kitchen does with commitment. Therefore “confidence trust” is correlated to “competence trust” in doing the job. Basically, an individual is performing the task with integrity, consistency and dedication, and the systems recognise, rewards and complements the work done correctly.

Keeping an employee engaged in workplace will require positive attitude towards the organisational policies and values. That is why whether we serve as elected parliamentarians, local government leaders, civil, corporate or public sector professionals, we will need the trust of our workplace and competence to carry out organisational mandates.

By Phanchung, PhD

Manager (Programmes, Teaching and Learning)

Royal University of Bhutan

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