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What a political development we have!
Ap Tsara, April 25, 2013
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Wai! Now that the second National Council (NC) elections are over, our people will get a brief time of respite until their political zeal resurface and begin attending zomdus and common forums again for National Assembly elections.

The NC election was a huge success. It was a ‘good election’ as described by the Chief Election Commissioner, since it concluded without any hitches in the process. Unlike in other parts of the world where the losing candidates begin showing their true colours right after the elections by harping on some ‘conspiracy theory’, our candidates accepted defeat as the will of the people. A great sign of maturity, indeed.

The success of the elections was due hugely to the assiduity of the election commission in educating the people. The Commission has spent in the order of millions to provide voter education to the people. A highly commendable job, that. Yes! Kudos to ECB!

However, in retrospect there are reasons to feel that the voter education must be continued until the last voter is thoroughly educated on voting procedures. Voters coming to the polls with a bank card in Pemagatshel, a cordycep harvest permit card in Sephu, daughter’s voter card in Lhuentse and Local Government voter card elsewhere, show that the voter education hasn’t been enough yet for the people in the remote pockets of the country. But then, these people were given opportunity to vote, which was good.

We cannot let this happen again in the NA elections because a single vote could define who is elected and who is not. Some more voter education is required.

Nevertheless, electing twenty new members for the council lifted the anxiety the citizens harboured against the almost empty council House, which according to the constitution must have all the twenty members until the twenty new members take charge of the house. The fact that we had only nine members in the council, lesser than the required number of sixteen, even to form a quorum, was a bit worrying to the citizens as the guardian of the our constitution.

Haven’t we overstepped the constitution in the heat of the moment?


For now, the dust has settled. But let us not forget to learn from our past mistakes.

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