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Top German extreme athlete to run from Trongsa to Taktshang
Rabi C Dahal, April 12, 2013
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Having raced up and down the Himalayas, 166 km in Mont Blanc and 600 km across the Atacama Desert, motivational speaker and five-star speaker, Norman Buecher from Germany is set for his next extreme challenge in Bhutan.

The extreme athlete will run a distance of 250 kilometres from Trongsa to ParoTaktsang in 60 hours. The marathon that will start on April 14 will end on April 16.

Norman, with occasional rests, will run night and day to complete the challenge. Running through the dark night in the rugged terrain will be quite an ordeal, thinks the 35-year-old extreme runner. But he is determined to complete the run.

Why would anyone want to run 250 kilometres of the rugged Bhutanese terrain? Norman said his motives give meaning to his actions and drive him again and again to get to the peak of performance.

Norman’s Bhutan run will support ‘Save the Children’ Bhutan project. A team of four will accompany him during the race with supplies of food and medicine. During the challenge, he will partake of the local meal as well as the special food brought from his country.

A passionate extreme runner, Norman Buecher ran his first marathon when he was twenty-two. A year later, for the first time, he ran 100 km in Biel. At 35, he has successfully completed the longest and most challenging extreme mountain race in Europe, the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (166 km and 9,400 meters). For the past 14 years he has been running marathons and ultra-marathons which are the most extreme sporting challenges in the world.

An MBA graduate, Norman worked as a business consultant for some years but resigned to become an extreme runner and speaker. Until now, he has taken part in more than 120 marathons and ultra-marathons.

Norman not only runs the toughest ultra-marathons in the world but also knows how to convey his unique experiences with passion, competence and rhetorical skill so that anyone who listens to his speeches can be benefited. He blends the exceptional experiences gained from the extreme sports with his knowledge of business.

He said after successful years a corporate consultant, he resigned from his job in 2008 to fully devote himself to his passion - the extreme endurance sport.

With the simple philosophy of “break your limits”, he maintains that one requires courage, enthusiasm, endurance and performance not just in extreme sports but in professional life as well.

Norman knows from his experience that athletic performances have much in common with the professional tasks. He said as a motivational speaker he shares his experiences so that people can connect his experiences with their business.

He said goals, motives, focus, attitude, passion, determination and perseverance are important aspects whether one wants to discuss an important important project, inspire employees for a new strategy or implement a new vision for a company. In sports , like in business, there are factors and mechanisms that lead to success, said Norman.

For his outstanding achievements, he received the 2010 five-star speaker award in the “Special Award” category.

Norman is today one of the top experts in extreme sports and the corporate world.

The money he earns from his motivational speeches and keynote addresses is used in finance his race.

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