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Dungmanma the lost old village of ruins

17 May 2014 | Gyembo Namgyal | COMMENTS 1

No one in the village knows exact details of the lost village except that the village was a prosperous one made up of over 180 households

24 Apr 2014 | Gyembo Namgyal | COMMENTS 1

First pilot bio-gas plants in Pemagatshel

Bio-gas project in the east is in its second phase with first phase already having covered five dzongkhags in the south.

09 Apr 2014 | Gyembo Namgyal | COMMENTS 0

Pemagatshel to have a permanent Chhoekhang

By the fall of 2015, Pemagatshel dzongkhag is likely to have a proper prayer hall (Choekhang), a proper place for its annual Moenlam Chhenmo.

27 Mar 2014 | Gyembo Namgyal | COMMENTS 1

Local leader expresses concern over the withdrawal of gynecological services

Empty rooms and locked cupboards are what remain of the Pemagatshel Hospital’s gynecological unit now following the transfer of the hospital’s gynaecologist and support staff

13 Feb 2014 | Gyembo Namgyal | COMMENTS 0

Regional employment and labour office offers employment information

The Regional Employment and Labour Officein Samdrupjongkhar have started a service centre to help job seekers since 2009. But, there are not many users of the service as of now.

03 Feb 2014 | Administrator | COMMENTS 0

NA continues its deliberation on RTI Bill

The National Assembly continued its deliberation on the Right to Information Bill 2014 on Monday.

13 Dec 2013 | Gyembo Namgyal | COMMENTS 0

Mandarin failure takes away earning opportunities from rural students

Even at the dzongkhag’s food processing plant there isn’t much except pulping from which the students can make some money.

29 Nov 2013 | Chador Wangmo | COMMENTS 0

Dreams and hardships of a paralytic man

A certain Samten Dendup, a Bhutanese who lives in the US, sent a wheelchair for Jigme. Jigme calls the wheelchair his legs.

27 Nov 2013 | Gyembo Namgyal | COMMENTS 0

As orchards continue to dry, farmers worry about their incomes

Blame it on the poor harvest, disease and drying orchards. Things are in a bad way for mandarin farmers.

30 Sep 2013 | Needrup Zangpo | COMMENTS 0

Bhutan Media Foundation and Sherubtse sign MoU

Sherubtse College to provide undergraduate scholarship to working journalists

11 Sep 2013 | Administrator | COMMENTS 0

Sherubtse’s Bhutan Youth Foundation organises fashion show to encourage student designers

Bhutan Youth Foundation organised a fashion show themed “Rags to Fab” on September 8 to encourage future designers.

02 Aug 2013 | Khandu Tobgyel | COMMENTS 0

Lack of housing loans gives rise to cheaper house construction

The most visible result of Rupee crisis and subsequent stopping of housing loans is the rise of low and humble housing. The period of high and extravagant building has halted.

25 Jul 2013 | Khandu Tobgyel | COMMENTS 0

Duthro incinerator still unpopular among Bhutanese, 16 years on

The government, home ministry in particular, set up five diesel-run incinerators at the duthroe (cremation ground) in Hejo, Thimphu, 16 years ago in 1997.

18 Jul 2013 | Pema Tenzin | COMMENTS 0

The revered and feared lake of Chiya is drying

That was long, long time ago, in Chiya in Udzorong, Trashigang. In those days, people used to wear animal skins and their cattle were their prized possession.

14 Jul 2013 | Khandu Tobgyel | COMMENTS 1

It’s cum everywhere

Thimphu, the city of ubiquitous phalluses of varying shapes and sizes and colour, is also the rising city of cum.

04 Jul 2013 | Jigme Wangchuk | COMMENTS 0

Ancient Buddhist scriptures go digital as part of a project

Rinpoche and a party of monks from Namdroling were accompanied by one of his illustrious Bhutanese students, Lopen Karma Phuntsho, who later earned a doctorate from University of Oxford in England

27 Jun 2013 | Rabi C Dahal | COMMENTS 0

What’s National Council members been up to?

The newly elected members of the National Council (NC) are into business already

27 Jun 2013 | Khandu Tobgyel | COMMENTS 0

Rinchen (precious) pills do the job where modern medicine fails

Tshering Peldon, 70, enters Yuthok Traditional Herbal Medicine Centre on the first floor of Karma Khanzang on Norzin Lam


A day in the life of a paper man

The approaching figure, as it appears to full view again, is aided by a walking stick, his steps slow and measured

14 Jun 2013 | Tshering Tashi | COMMENTS 0

Blue Jeans and Blood: The history of democracy in Bhutan

During the audience, Mr Aaen was astounded to hear the monarch say: “The people should be more involved in the running of the country.”

06 Jun 2013 | Jigme Wangchuk | COMMENTS 0

Poor communities take Drukyul to world

Flowers are blooming aplenty. Red, yellow, pink, white…nurtured and nourished by care and quietude

31 May 2013 | Needrup Zangpo | COMMENTS 0

Book tells the missing Bhutanese stories

Tshering Tashi’s new book, Myth and Memory, is a collection of 67 absorbing articles on unwritten historical and cultural aspects

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