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First impression is not always the last impression
Karma Yezer, Gaeddu College   I    October 18, 2012
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I know you already heard this: ” First impression is the last impression.” And many of you actually buy this idea. Don’t’ you.? Perhaps some may not. I don’t agree (=I agree but not always) with this very statement. At least, to me, first impression is not always true: best or worst, meaning, the only impression created at first may be utterly otherwise.

It is better to portray our-selves smart in first place but it is even more important to maintain it throughout. No matter even if we fail to convince others at first, as long as we have the continuous flow of instinct to be a good human being. It is only natural for us to make premature-judgement out of anybody’s earlier simplicity or presentation, so to say. This is because, the first impression is bound to be dominant all the time-This is the way our minds are adapted to function. This is utterly illogical. We need to redefine the logic: accept whatever is due and be skeptical if anything is worth questioning. Now the bottom line is: It is logically not correct to judge or conclude anybody’s intention or habits from his/her first impression.

Many a times, we degrade ourselves due to not being able to uphold human moral ethics. I had a bad regret, and I still feel sorry. I don’t know why I had to hate him unreasonably just because I saw him rude, biased and strict at his first class. It was some years back then; I was in high school. See how “first impression” can be dangerous sometimes. Day by day, I began to hate him, and worst of all, I began to be paranoiac until finally I discovered his good intention. After an year of much hatred, I began to re-connect with my teacher, this time in extreme remorse and when I happened to be one of his best students at the end, It only added much guilt to my conscience . He was no less than caring, warm at heart, helpful for my success-Today I am indebted to him for what I am now . I know he never knew I hated him so much. This may be just one of many incidences that gradually led me to conclude that: First impression is not always the last impression

And you know, this little breakthrough has immense impact on the philosophy I am inclined to. I no longer subscribe to believing fully anybody’s first impression or I take with a pinch of salt when somebody says something good or bad about someone. It in deed demands our own judgement.

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